Traditionally, aerial news footage required dispatching expensive news choppers. Today, with a DJI Phantom, a journalist can have their aerial camera in their backpack wherever they go ready for the moment they need an aerial shot.

In situations where a journalist requires higher quality imaging than a Phantom the DJI Inspire Pro, equipped with the DJI Zenmuse X5 gives journalists 16 megapixel images and dynamic, clear 4K video.

Through an add-on on the Phantom, or natively on the Inspire, connections are provided that allow a journalist to connect their aircraft directly to broadcasting systems to broadcast aerial footage live across the world.

On the ground, news reports are traditionally static shots, with journalists limited by heavy equipment and no simple means to move the camera smoothly. Using the DJI Osmo, a journalist can now follow the story as it moves or take viewers through a scene while maintaining smoothness and clarity. Like the DJI Inspire, the Osmo can be upgraded with the Zenmuse X5 camera for higher imaging quality.






Developed for the filmmaking professional, the DJI Ronin series are a powerful handheld camera stabilization systems that use custom sensors, powerful motors and advanced algorithms to put world-class precision in the hands of film makers.

The Ronin is designed for elite level film making where heavy, cinema grade camera and lens combinations are required including the RED EPIC or the ARRI ALEXA.

The more lightweight Ronin-M is designed for lighter camera and lens combinations including Micro Four Thirds and DSLR cameras, and can even carry the RED EPIC and ARRI ALEXA Mini provided that lenses are within weight and balance limits.

Created for high-G environments, the Ronin-MX is carries a similar range of cameras as the Ronin-M, but is optimized to withstand G forces. It is ideal for smooth footage from moving vehicles and even the DJI M600 heavy lift aircraft.








UAVs are an incredible creative tool, not just in terms of what is seen from their point of view but also how they move through space.

The DJI Phantom series and Inspire series can be used to create stunning imagery in ways previously not thought possible, or even star in their own flying show.

The DJI Matrice 100 can be programmed to fly however an artist demands completely automatically, and can be equipped with sensors that allows it to see other aircraft alongside it. It can be used for aerial ballets, formation flying and much more.






Photographers understand that capturing such an important event requires one to be on top of their game as you only get one chance to capture the magic of the moment. Drones are a key part of every photographer’s arsenal, where aerial shots can capture the beauty of a scenic locale or a unique perspective. Our products enable photographers to capture these amazing moments like never before.

A degree of discretion is vital to the success of any such project where one needs to balance getting the right shot while not interfering with the event experience. Quick setup and portability are fundamental to keeping up with a dynamic situation. The Phantom line strikes the right balance between portability and capabilities, being ready to fly in minutes of taking it out of a box. For ground based shots, the DJI OSMO offers handheld stabilization with MFT camera in a uniquely small form factor, allowing great flexibility while not sacrificing performance.