Modern construction projects operate on a scale never before seen in human history. Requiring unprecedented amounts of materials and heavy machinery, today’s contraction projects are marvels of engineering and efficiency. Material stockpiles need to be closely monitored to ensure sufficient supply.

Monitoring often requires multiple people large amounts of time, but can now be achieved quickly by one person through a combination of DJI UAV technology and advanced photogrammetry technologies. This technique can be used to create 3D models at <1mm accuracy, and compared with CAD models for progress analysis. DJI’s industry leading sense and avoid technology, found on the DJI Phantom 4 and the DJI Matrice 100 provides peace of mind when flying to capture data.








DJI’s UAV platforms allow GIS professionals to quickly collect geo-referenced aerial images. All DJI platforms geo-tag images with GPS information which can be processed with photogrammetry to produce point clouds, orthomosaics, and digital terrain models. Prior to UAVs, such mapping could only be achieved by aircraft.

Now, mapping technology is drastically more accessible, allowing individuals and organizations to capture and document the world around them. For the highest accuracy data, we recommend you utilise ground control points (GCPs) when capturing your data. You can then tag the GCPs during processing to produce outputs with centimetre accuracy. The Inspire 1 is a powerful ready-to-fly mapping tool, or deploy the Matrice series to customise your own solution. Our Zenmuse series of cameras offer several options in terms of resolution and weight. Our M600 platform can carry a wide range of full frame camera systems to meet unique project needs.








Today’s realtors face ever higher competition. In such an environment, differentiation in fundamental to success and drones offer a unique perspective to both customers and brokers alike. Aerial photos and videos allow properties to be showcased in new and creative ways, adding to the allure while also illustrating the surrounding environs. Combined with indoor photography, realtors are now able to arm themselves with creative tools that were only available to the largest of projects in the past.

Pairing DJI products with software platforms also enables new creative avenues for showcasing unique qualities of a particular property. Prospective buyers could measure out areas for specific features they might want to place on their lawns. A 3D model can be generated from photographs to allow individuals to experience the architecture in new and unique ways. Experiencing properties in more interactive ways allows agents to help clients better envisage how a property meets the needs of client.






The safety and well being of all crew involved in construction projects are of paramount importance. Traditionally, safety inspectors and certification bodies are required to manually inspect the site. This is time consuming and subject to human errors due to limited view points.

The DJI Matrice 200 series represents a whole new frontier in keeping construction sites safe. With state of the air flight stability, intelligent obstacle avoidance, IP43 waterproof rating, and RTK capabilities for areas of high interference, safety inspection can now be done quickly with high precision.

When paired with the Z30 camera, the x30 optical zoom allows for the smallest details and cracks to be identified without flying too close to the object. Furthermore, the dual camera function of the Matrice 210 allows a thermal camera to be installed. This enables safety operators to quickly identify problems such as pipe leakages.